Friday, March 8, 2013

To Bent or Not to Bent, That is the Question...

Coast2Coast for Heart Health is 71 days away!  Can you feel the anxiety and excitment?  A major logistic of the ride has changed.  I have decided to change the mode of transportation.  Yes, I will be crossing the United States on the back of a dolphin.  However cool this would be, it's not the truth.

Nerve popping out of position
 Due to unforseen injury for both of my elbows I will be riding not just a bicycle, but a recumbent bicycle.  The nerves that run on the inside of my elbows has been popping in an out of the tunnel it is supposed to run through causing pain.  This is something I was born with, however cycling on a regular road bike has caused irritation of the nerve and pain even when I'm not riding my road bike.

Do not fear, the RECUMBENT is here!  A recumbent you say?  You may have seen these bicycles and wondered what in the world they are.  The concept is the rider is in a relaxed, near laying back position thereby taking pressure off the tailbone, back, neck and ARMS!  These bicycles are nicknamed "BENTS."

In using a friend's cruising recumbent, I found it doesn't effect my elbows.  So I have ordered a touring bent bike and will break it in, hopefully, on a three day ride this weekend to Temple, Texas.  This trip will take me to West, Texas the first night and on into Temple the next.  the third day I will head back to West, Texas and be picked up by my lovely wife, Liddy.

This is a big change just 71 days out from the launch of Coast2Coast, but necessary to even start the ride.  You'll learn of my adventures using this new bike and I'll post photos here and on the Facebook page @:

Keep Calm and Ride ON!

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